We prepare food only from fresh and quality ingredients

Starter and beer sides

Beef tartar, 100 g (TOP CHOICE)

Chopped beef tenderloin with beer salsa, spicy pickled cucumber and grilled toast (5 pcs)

185 CZK

English roastbeef, 120 g

Baked Sirloin steak with pickled onions and garlick sauce

129 CZK

”Olomouc” cheese, 3 pcs (TOP CHOICE)

Grilled Olomouc cheese in bacon, salad and spicy mayonnaise

89 CZK

Brawn, 150 g

Homemade brawn, vinegar and onion

79 CZK

Pickled sausage with onion, 120 g

Spicy infusion with onion and chilli peppers

89 CZK

Pickled Camembert, 100 g

Chilli paste, onion and garlic

99 CZK

Crackling spread, 120 g

Crackling spread with cucumber, onion and chilli, garlic bread

69 CZK

Duck liver pate, 100 g

Creamy pate with cognac, herbs and butter, roasted bread

119 CZK

Pickled cheeses, 120 g

”Blaťácké zlato”, blue cheese, Edam, Feta cheese in sunflower oil with chilli and confit garlic

119 CZK

Potato pancakes, 4pcs

Served with homemade pickled spicy cabbage

89 CZK

Potato chips, 150 g

Crispy thin slices of fried potatoes with garlic dip

85 CZK

Roasted almonds, 60 g

89 CZK


Strong chicken broth, 0,33 l

With pulled chicken meat, vegetables and homemade noodles

55 CZK

Dill soup, 0,33 l

Creamy soup with potatoes, egg, dill and oyster mushroom

65 CZK

Daily menu soup, 0,33 l

55 CZK

Children´s meals

Roasted salmon with butter and mashed potatoes, 80 g

99 CZK

Chicken schnitzel with mashed potatoes, 80 g

79 CZK

Our evergreens

Roast beef ”Svíčková”, 180 g (TOP CHOICE)

Roast beef in cream sauce with bread dumplings and cranberries

189 CZK

Beer goulash, 180 g

Beef heel of round, bread dumpling with bacon and fied onion

179 CZK

¼ roasted duck

Served with red cabbage and variation of dumplings

229 CZK

Grilled beefsteak, 200 g

Aged beef sirloin steak served with smashed potatoes and chanterelle sauce

479 CZK

Pork ribs, 600 g (TOP CHOICE)

Ribs baked in honey marinade, creamy horseradish and pickled vegetables ”Čalamáda”

289 CZK

Baked pork knee, 1 pcs

Boneless pork knee slowly baked with dark beer, served with creamy horseradish, mustard and sweet pickled peppers

239 CZK

Pork  tenderloin, 200 g

Baked tenderloin with shallot sauce, spinach and potato purée

225 CZK

Pork schnitzel, 200 g

Served with potato salad and piece of lemon

179 CZK

Pork neck steak, 280 g

Steak in beer marinade, been pods with bacon, smashed potatoes with cream

229 CZK

Salmon steak, 180 g

Baked steak with herb crust, butter sauce and carrot purée

295 CZK

Flank steak, 200 g (TOP CHOICE)

Beef belly with herbs, roasted oyster mushroom and smashed potatoes

369 CZK

Fried cheese, 150 g

Fried cheese ”Eidam” with boiled potatoes and tartare sauce

145 CZK

Burger MAMLAS, 180 g (TOP CHOICE)

Juicy minced beef with our homemade sesame bun, lettuce, spicy mayonnaise, tomatoes, pickled cucumber, cheddar cheese , sweet onion and fries

245 CZK

Pulled duck burger, 200 g

Pulled duck meat with our homemade bun, french sauce, onion cabbage, fried onion and fries

265 CZK

Chicken wings, 10 pcs

Spicy chilli sauce, cheese dip and fresh vegetables

185 CZK

Chicken steak, 200 g

Chicken breast baked with melted butter, grilled vegetables

195 CZK

Brynza gnocchi, 350g (TOP CHOICE)

Potato gnocchi with Brynza cheese, pork crackling and fried onion

179 CZK

Fresh pasta with duck, 350g

Fresh pasta with pulled duck, white vine, vegetables a thyme

219 CZK

Fresh pasta with tomato pesto, 350g

Fresh pasta with dried tomato pesto, baby spinach, parmesan cheese and pine nuts

189 CZK

Potato gnocchi with pork tenderloin, 350g

Homemade gnocchi with pork tenderloin, mushrooms, white vine, cream and thyme

185 CZK


Salad with roastbeef, 300 g

Lettuce variation with English roastbeef, dry tomatoes, capers and mustard dressing

189 CZK

Caesar salad, 300 g

Romaine lettuce with grilled chicken, anchovies, butter crutons and parmesan

179 CZK

Salmon salad, 350 g (TOP CHOICE)

Mixed vegetables with grilled salmon, poached egg and cheese dressing

225 CZK

Mixed salad, 150 g

Mixed fresh vegetables with marinated Feta cheese

75 CZK


Apple strudel

Strudel with raisins, nuts, cinnamon, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

75 CZK

Chocolate brownies    

Chocolate cake with candied fruits and raspberry sauce

85 CZK

Vanilla ice cream   

2 scoops of ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate

69 CZK


Bread dumpling, 4 pcs

30 CZK

Potato gnocchi, 6 pcs

30 CZK

Mashed potatoes, 250 g

30 CZK

Smashed potatoes with spring onion, 250 g

30 CZK

Potatoe salad with mayonaisse, 250 g

30 CZK

Fries, 150 g

40 CZK

Potato pancakes, 3 pcs

45 CZK

Bean pods with bacon, 150 g

45 CZK

Garlic baguette with herbs, 2 pcs

45 CZK

Homemade pickled vegetables ”Čalamáda”, 150 g

55 CZK

Sweet pickled peppers, 100 g

29 CZK

Pickled cucumbers, 100 g

29 CZK


Black pepper, Shallot, Blue cheese sauce

39 CZK

Chilli, Tartar, Garlic sauce

29 CZK