We prepare food only from fresh and quality ingredients

Starters and snacks (go good with beer)

Roast beef, 120 g

Slowly roasted Sirloin with Dijon sauce, toasts

145 CZK

Beef tartare, 100 g (TOP CHOICE)

Minced beef sirloin with beer salsa, spicy pickles, garlic and fried toast (4 pcs)

185 CZK

”Olomoucké tvarůžky” in bacon, 3 pcs (TOP CHOICE)

Grilled smelly cheese from Olomouc wrapped in bacon with lettuce and spicy mayonnaise, bread

119 CZK

Brawn, 120 g

Pork meat in jelly with vinegar and onions, bread

85 CZK

Spicy “utopenec” with onion, 100 g

Homemade spicy pickled sausage with onions and hot peppers, bread

85 CZK

Pickled Camembert, 100 g

Pickled Camembert with chili sauce, garlic, dried tomatoes and onions, cabbage salad, bread

95 CZK

Salmon tartare, 100 g

Smoked salmon tartare with cucumber carpaccio, toasts

195 CZK

Homemade potato chips, 150 g (TOP CHOICE)

Crispy thin fried potato slices with garlic dip

99 CZK

French fries, 200 g

Potato French fries with homemade tartar sauce

99 CZK

Roasted almonds, 60 g

89 CZK

Pistachios, 60 g

109 CZK


“Kulajda”, 0,33 l (TOP CHOICE)

Traditional Czech creamy soup with potatoes, poached egg, dill and oyster mushroom

89 CZK

Soup of the day, 0,33 l

55 CZK

Main Courses

Wild boar with rosehip sauce, 180 g (TOP CHOICE)

Wild boar with rosehip sauce, homemade Carlsbad dumplings and marinated cranberries

279 CZK

Beer goulash, 200 g

Beef goulash made with dark beer, bacon dumplings

195 CZK

Special burger MAMLAS, 180 g (TOP CHOICE)

Mature minced beef in a homemade bun with fried onions, fried egg, fresh vegetables, spicy mayonnaise, pickles, cheddar, served with French fries

255 CZK

Chicken burger, 180 g

Chicken breast steak baked with cheddar in a homemade bun served with coleslaw and French fries

289 CZK

Roastbeef sandwich, 150 g (TOP CHOICE)

Homemade baguette filled with slow-cooked roast beef with dijon dip, cabbage salad and French fries

275 CZK

Beef steak, 200 g

Beef sirloin steak with grilled vegetables, Buffalo sauce, herb baguette

365 CZK

Chicken supreme, 200 g

Chicken supreme with roasted vegetables, strong chicken sauce, mashed potatoes

195 CZK

Pork  tenderloin, 200 g

Juicy medium pork tenderloin with plum sauce and homemade potato croquettes

255 CZK

Wiener schnitzel, 200 g

Breaded, pan-fried veal cutlet, lemon, buttery mashed potatoes and cucumber salad

265 CZK

Fried cheese, 150 g

Fried Gouda cheese, boiled potatoes, homemade tartar sauce

185 CZK

Pork ribs, 800 g

Honey glazed roasted pork ribs
As side dish – we recommend: creamy horseradish, home-pickled vegetables, pickled peppers, garlic bread +70 CZK

285 CZK

Roasted pork knee, 1500 g

Roasted pork knuckle with beer and vegetable sauce
As side dish – we recommend: creamy horseradish, home-pickled vegetables, pickled peppers, bread +70 CZK

380 CZK

Slovak “Halušky”, 350 g (TOP CHOICE)

Small boiled potato dumplings (similar to gnocchi) served with goat cheese “brynza“, bacon and fried onions

189 CZK

Spaghetti Carbonara, 300g

Spaghetti with pancetta, egg yolk and parmesan

189 CZK


Caesar salad, 300 g

Romaine salad with grilled chicken steak, bacon, butter croutons, parmesan, and anchovy dressing

225 CZK

Halloumi salad, 300 g

Salad mix with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, vinaigrette dressing, and grilled halloumi cheese, herb baguette

189 CZK

Balkan salad, 300 g

Mixed vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers) with marinated sirene (salty feta cheese)

189 CZK


Chocolate Mousse

95 CZK

Limet cheesecake  


95 CZK

Vanilla ice cream   

3 scoops of ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate

99 CZK